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Adventure Tours at Recommended Tours

›› The adventure tours combine different kind of accommodations allowing this way to explore more distant areas of the country.
›› Some nights are spent in Hostels or Hosterias while other nights are spent in our Full camps and Mountain refugees.
›› The physical difficulty of the adventure tours is low to intermediate. The passengers should be willing to walk an average of 6 to 7 hours per day during the trekking activities and also willing to camp during some nights.
›› In some of the group departures there are incoming services and guides during the activities; and in some other group departures there is a tour leader dedicated full time to the group.
›› Trekking activities are led by mountain guides or local inhabitants of the area (according to the destination).
›› Adventure Tours can be offered in group or individual departures.

PAT - Full Patagonia Adventure - (15 Days)
Departure type: Group - Season: October through March - Departures: Saturday
AVA - Adventure in Atacama - (7 Days)
Departure type: Private - Season: Year round - Departures: Daily departures