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Intense trekking at North and Atacama

›› These tours have more demanding activities and the accommodations and we spend more nights camping in order to explore more distant areas of the country.
›› Some nights are spent in Hostels or Hosterias, simple lodgings, while others are spent in our Full camps or in Mountain refugees.
›› In some of the group departures there are incoming services and guides during the activities; and in some other group departures there is a tour leader dedicated full time to the group.
›› The trekking activities are led by mountain guides or local inhabitants of the area (according to the destination)
›› The level of difficulty is intermediate. Passengers need to be in adequate physical condition. It is not required prior technical experience.
›› We usually carry all the general equipment and wherever is possible we carry also the passengers personal belongings, including their sleeping bag and mattress. In certain areas or in certain section of specific programs, passengers are requested to carry their own personal belongings, including sleeping bag and mattress.
›› We walk an average of 6 or 7 hours a day, 9 hours in specific days, at a moderate pace and with all the necessary stops for rest, snacks or photos. The trek includes some steady up hills and down hills that can be steeper by sections.
›› Previous experience walking outdoors and camping is advisable as we use a lot our Full Camps.

CNT - Roads of the North(Argentina, Bolivia & Chile) - (15 Days)
Departure type: Group - Season: April through October - Departures: Saturday
TDS - Hiking Atacama, La Quebrada and trek to Rainforest - (15 Days)
Departure type: Group - Season: April through September - Departures: Saturday
TTC - Crossing from La Puna to the Rainforest. - (9 Days)
Departure type: Group - Season: April through October - Departures: Friday
TIN - Crossing from Iruya to La Quiaca. - (9 Days)
Departure type: Group - Season: January through February - Departures: Monday