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North and Atacama

Tours at North and Atacama

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The North also waits for us no only with its landscapes but also with its people and culture, with the traditions of the oldest towns of Argentina which are inherited from the Incas and Kollas.

The North west of Argentina invites us to go across its vineyards and landscapes, in towns such as Humahuaca, Tilcara, Uquía and Purmamarca with its Mountain of seven colours and its great Salar Field in the hill of the Lipan. If we chose to walk between the towns of Iruya to the north of Rodio and Rodeo Colorado or we can also make a crossing from the Puna to the forest to the Calilegua Park, are just some of the options we have for you.

The Desert of Atacama waits for us to the other side of the mountain range of Los Andes, this region often named as one of most barren of the world also allows us to appreciate lakes of many colours, flamencos and condors.

Its Altiplánicas lagoons, its Salar fields and unique Geysers with their great steam columns at dawn are without a doubt the right complement this region of Argentina.