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Quality and Value
We are the best value for your money option in Patagonia Adventure Tours. Our tours are not the more expensive ones, but we are not the cheapest either.
We provide all the infrastructure, facilities, transportation, service and knowledge in Patagonia to allow you the best use of your travel time and money.
We know each part of Patagonia as if it were our home, because it’s our home.
And we have designed each tour offered here in detail, using our knowledge and tour operator experience gathered in more than 10 years.

Different ways to lodge according to the passenger needs
We use nice, cozy accommodations, allowing our passengers to choose different ways to lodge.
You can stay in a shared room with group partners; or in a double or single base room the days that this option is available. Not every night all these lodging options are available. We specify in the brochure the options available for each tour.

Nice and cozy lodgings / Not Luxury five stars hotel
We do not use luxury accommodations. In order to stay in touch with the Spirit of Patagonia we use local operated facilities, instead of international hotel chains. The accommodations we use are chosen because of the warm of its people and also because of its excellent hygiene conditions. International Hotel chains don’t even exist in many of the towns we’ll visit in our tours.
Patagonia is a wild, clean and safe place to travel. Luxury five stars hotel are better found in other destinations.

Hostel Room OptionHostel Room Option
When taking this option, the passenger gets a bed in a shared room in a hostel with partners of the same gender. Usually the hostel accommodation is a room with four to six beds. The hostels have complete shared sanitarium services (there are bathrooms with showers for ladies and bathrooms for gentlemen).
Sheets are provided but not the towels. They have facilities to heat water or to cook something if the passenger wants to.
All the hostels we use accomplish the standards that the Youth Hostel associations requires, which assures a level of hygiene and appropriate comfort corresponding to your passenger demands.

Inn Double or Single Base OptionInn Double or Single Base Option
It’s a room at Inn with private bathroom. It can be double or single base, depending your passenger election.

Full CampsFull Camps
It is a camp previously mounted with wide igloo type tents we use in double or single base. Inside it each passenger has high mountain sleeping bags, individual sheets and insulating mattresses. The Full Camp counts with dining room tents or dinning saloons, table, benches and complete kitchen with a cook in charge. Sanitarium services in Capri Lagoon are solved with latrine bathrooms and at Torres del Paine they have bathroom facilities with warm water showers.

Mountain RefugeMountain Refuge
It is used in Tierra del Fuego. It is very similar to a hostel, but the beds are "cuchetas" (two superimposed simple beds). They provide sheets but not towels. The refuge is a cabin immerse in the forest with the aspect of a children’s story house. All travelers will love to stay to live there. The refuge has two plants; the superior plant is the bedroom, where 20 beds are located in a big shared room. The lower plant is a warm and cozy dining room. The heating is obtained through a firewood kitchen, which is lit almost the whole day and has always a recipient with hot water on it. Over the kitchen there is also a wooden grill that is used to dry the shoes after each walk. There are also two individual bathrooms with plenty of hot water. People can take a hot water shower once a day and one person at a time. A generator provides the electric light, which is on only during the night.

Detail of Foods
During the periods we lodge at Full Camps the four meals are served in abundant portions achieving a menu that contemplate the tastes of the passengers but also their energy necessities, based on fresh foods.
Breakfasts: We provide hot water and options to choose like tea, coffee and milk; accompanied by cookies, sweet, fruits and cereals.
Lunches: They consist on a main plate and dessert or a lunch box that is enjoyed in a panoramic point; always accompanied with juices. The lunch box is compound by a strong salad or a sandwich, accompanied by a fruit and a candy or chocolate.
Snacks: Infusions to election with cakes or cookies They are served when people return of the walks.
Dinners: It includes Entrance (salads or soups), Main Plate (pasta, rice with vegetable, meats, stews, etc.), and Desserts as fruits and more.

The guides will carry a basic first-aid kit along the walks and VHF communication equipment for any emergency that could take place. The trip does not include medical assistance.

Our regular departures dates are receiving people from worldwide. Most departures dates are set for people who could communicate in English and/or Spanish. Our Tour Leaders are Spanish/English bilinguals.
On some specific departures dates the Tour leader speaks Italian, German or French, plus Spanish. Please ask us about the dates with a Guide fluent in these languages

Group Traveling
Traveling in a group allows you to meet people from different countries and cultures, who share the passion for adventure traveling and for discovering nature and wild places in good companion. Our average group size is 12 people. We set a maximum limit for each group of 20 for most trips, but even less for Expeditions.

Group Meeting Point
Our tours start in the City or Town of Patagonia where the group will meet on Day 1. Each Tour has a Meeting Point, with time and place set, where the passengers will meet each other and the Tour Leader by first time. We confirm you the Meeting Point when we confirm the reservation for your passenger.

Transports will be done combining private and regular services.

To allow you to offer the whole trip, we offer you to solve the previous and later nights in Buenos Aires.
We can receive your passenger, reserve hotels, and provide city tours and an excellent tango show.

The products offered by our company require the acquisition of domestic flight tickets.
You can buy it by yourself or you can ask us to solve this point for you too.

Contact us to set an additional date to be operated under your own brand by your Tour Operator, Destination Management or Travel Agency company.