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Terms and Conditions

To book the trip send your request by email to our Reservation Centre at and please make a deposit in our account by the 20% of the trip value.

We ask if you could be glad enough to send us the deposit receipt by fax to +54 114 345 6375. We will confirm your booking on receipt of the deposit.

The balance is due 60 days prior to departure, where the total trip value has to be paid.

Cancellation charges
More than 60 days before departure - deposit only
5930 days before departure - 40%
29-15 days before departure - 60%
Less than 15 days before departure - 100%

Departure Dates with a minimum amount of passengers
Those tours with a minimum amount of passengers required, can be cancelled until 15 days before the planned departure date.
In the case that the trip has to be cancelled because it doesn't have the minimum amount of passengers, we will reintegrate the 100% of the amount of money received to book it.
In these cases, nor the passenger, and neither the travel agent have nothing to reclaim to Camino Abierto moreover the exact amount of money they had paid to book the tour. The eventual cancellation of the trip due to not get the minimum amount of passengers, dos not imply any kind of allowance, by any cause, to the passenger or the travel agent.

Limitation of Liabilities
Our services don't include medical insurance nor life insurance.
Our trips are developed in zones far from big urban cities. Medical Services and other kind of services could be far from where the passengers were located in a specific moment.
Camino Abierto will make all the efforts to reinforce and guaranty the security and well being of all the passengers.
Each passenger accepts, when reserving his/her trip with us, to be clear about the potential risks associated with this type of tourism.
Camino Abierto will refuse any claim or responsibility related to accidents, damages, illness, negligence, physical or mental damage.
It's passenger's responsibility to contract his/her medical and life insurances previously to the start of the trip.
Camino Abierto will not be responsible by the delays and eventually upper costs due to illness, weather conditions, war, terrorism, political events, natural disasters, technical difficulties or any other cause out of our control.
When contracting your trip, the passenger and the travel agent accept that the total value from all the potential claims that eventually could be made to Camino Abierto, have a maximum value set by twice the total amount of money paid to Camino Abierto for the trip.